Who proposes it for the Italian market?

B-CP srl is an Italian company located in the Province of Vicenza.

The company has been authorized in multiple portals for supply to the Public Administration since 2016.


Weight: 17.5 gr

Device Length: 13 cm

Specifications: Slowly releases CL02 at a human safe concentration (less than 0m002 ppmv) across the entire product surface.

Duration: 20-25 days indoors

The personal protective equipment offers coverage to the wearer via the integrated lanyard.



  • Remove a puristic vial from the packaging
  • Gently break the inner vial by applying thumb pressure to the center of the vial
  • Shake the vial to combine the internal liquids

Strong effects:

  • strong biocide effect
  • 2.5 times stronger than Chlorine – 500 times than alcohol
  • No relation to THMs, HAAs
Fiala puristic_BASE


  • Recognized by WHO, US FDA, NASA
  • Substance used for the sterilization of environments, water and food
  • After activation, the chlorine dioxide gas is released slowly for 30 days through the special cap of the product
  • The only residue is sodium citrate
  • Offers coverage for 2 x 2 x 2 m (8000 L)
  • Test reports and certifications attached
  • Product tested by Italian Laboratory: Maurizi Group (Rome IT)
  • The chlorine dioxide concentration (0.002 ppm) is lower than the minimum safe concentration (0.1 ppm)
  • More information on the official page of the European Community (click here)
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  • Don’t break or tamper the plastic container of the product
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • In case of pungent smell, ventilate the room
  • If the liquid comes into contact with the skin, wash with water
  • Avoid prolonged use in the sun
  • Contact your doctor only in case of abnormal symptoms


  • The product was tested in different and common environments and the load of viruses and bacteria was measured to prove its effectiveness (test report attached)
  • Puristic reflects different protection characteristics compared to similar products
  • The product is already widely used in countries such as: China, South Korea, Canada, USA
  • The product is certified (attached) also by the FDA U.S. Food & Drug Administration