This page aims to show those with whom we have not yet had the pleasure of collaborating with the value of the products we make with passion. For each item and finish there is a history of tests and improvements that we intend to keep in the future. Our products contain our passion and desire for continuous improvement.


Our hearts, made in Italy, in ceramic are made by expert craftsmen. The paws are hand painted and in real gold.


Our metal urns are powder coated and baked at 180 degrees. This process allows a particular finish that makes the product unique , durable and resistant.


Our line of photo urns is elegant and well finished thanks to the high quality plexiglass that protects the memory of your dear pet.


The pawscans are finished with the best wood lacquer. The glass that protects the animal’s footprint like the photo makes the content brighter with its transparency.


The combination of the porosity of the ceramic and our powder coating makes the article of a unique brilliance. The product is pleasant to the touch and transmits warmth.


Thanks to the pen of our modellers we can create unique shapes in Italian style. The choice of material – porcelain stoneware – enriches the product and makes it resistant to both indoor.


All urns are shipped with our made in Italy box.