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International Patents

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We are holders of two international patents designed to improve the cremation process paying attention to respect for the environment.


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A non-invasive controlled cremation accelerator for the cremation plant and with reduced emissions.

• No problem with emissions;
• No problem with the refractarium;
• It’s a green product;
• No explosion risk;
• It is not toxic;
• It’s super easy to use;
• It save time and gas.


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Luce is an optical device necessary for detecting the conclusion of the cremation process, useful for human and pet cremation plants.

Luce eliminates downtime by determining the exact end of both human and pet cremation. The cremation sector is rapidly expanding and needs an ever greater organization to meet the growing demands. Eliminating the time surpluses of the cremation process, estimated between 4 and 12 minutes (survey carried out on human and pet cremation systems) increases the efficiency of the system and decreases costs.