Operating tools


When mortal remains are exhumed, whether they are intended for burial or cremation, it is necessary to eliminate the zinc case, in order to enable the skeletonization or cremation process respectively. This operation is particularly uncomfortable for cemetery operators.
The solution that has been studied aims to reduce this discomfort, also according to the problems connected with the legislation on safety at work. Furthermore, solutions have been implemented in order to favor traceability, concerning the identity of mortal remains, in the entire post-estumulation process.
  • EEC marking
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Simple installation: current + compressed air

Well Subject to Super Amortization


Small and portable, easily transportable inside the cremation plant and always ready for use.
  • Aluminum body
  • Removable legs to facilitate transport by car
  • Manual winch (180 kg capacity) with steel cable and automatic brake. Also operable through the use of a manual screwdriver
  • Legs with Ø 76 mm wheels, rotating and equipped with brake
  • Two Ø 250 mm rear wheels with adjustable wheelbase up to 1060 mm for greater stability.
  • Shaft locking for transport
  • Various accessories available to better adapt to the type of work
  • Simple assembly
  • EEC marking
  • Load capacity 180 kg
  • Maximum height 3 m
  • Weight 60 kg
  • Dimensions Closed 1169 x 778 x 471 mm
Material: Steel
Caratteristic: Folding trolley for feretri handling with operator knobs and safety brakes
Flow: 250kg
Material: Absorbent and gelling mat
Packaging: 30 pcs for box
Absorbent capacity: 65 L
Electric forklift
Dimension: length 1900mm, width 720mm, height min. 370 mm, height max 1800 mm
Flow: 250 kg
Idraulic forklift
Dimension: length 1900mm, width 720mm, height min. 370 mm, height max 1800 mm
Flow: 250 kg
Cardboard box
Material: Cellulose
Dimension:60x50x23x165 cm
Flow: 80kg
Material: Plastic
Dimension: 210x70x4.5 cm
Flow: 55L
Wood pool
Material: Wood with low % of vinyl glue
Dimension: 210x70x1.8 cm
Flow: 55L