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Custom urns

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Optimizing the placement of urns in the available spaces has a great importance. For this reason, we offer a customization service on the standard product that can be adapted to all cemetery systems.
brown square metal urn
Eco F
Capacity: 5L
Material: Steel 8/10
Dimension: 215x215x105 mm
Made to order
tube shaped brown steel urn by b-cp
Capacity: 4L
Material: Steel 8/10
Dimension: 46×110 mm
cube-shaped steel urn by b-cp
Eco M
Capacity: 5L
Material: AISI 430
Dimension: 170x170x180 mm
Black square metal urn by b-cp
Eco book
Capacity: 5L
Material: Galvanized steel
Dimension: 270x270x55 mm
Rectangular steel urn by b-cp
Eco A
Capacity: 4L
Material: AISI 430
Dimension: 170x250x120 mm