Products and services for human and animal cremation

Baccini cremation partner


Partner countries

our main office is in Northern Italy, in Veneto.

We work in 22 Countries and we are leader in our country. We are specialized in providing urns & related products to europeans crematoriums for pet and human.

Environmental Sustainability

B-CP has been always cared about the environment protection, and has been promoting over the years increasingly sustainable and circular processes.

Our strengths

Made in Italy

Made in Italy stands for attention to detail, and care for high quality products. The use of the finest manufacturing techniques guarantees that our products are highly strong and durable.

Stock and Logistics

From Italy to all the European Countries, thanks to the local production and a quality logistic systems, we are able to provide and fulfill every order in a short tie compared to the market average delivery times.


We are able to offer a very competitive price without sacrificing the reliability and the quality of our products. We can offer a full range of products ensuring the best price in the market. Our value for money is triple AAA.

Our company

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